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More About Dr. Ollga

Then, ten years later ...

Ten years later, perplexed by the paradox of executive life – extraordinary monetary rewards coupled with elusive satisfaction, she searched for a method of deciphering one’s purpose, the source of life’s meaning. Dr. Belova found this and more in the Scientific Hand Analysis.

To go beyond the conceptual understanding of purpose, she pursued transformational energy medicine, Toltec Dreaming practices, and Mudra Therapy.

She trained under Dr. Alberto Villoldo, the Four Winds School's top teachers, was initiated into Q’ero Shamanic tradition lineage, and studied with Debra Silverman's School of Applied Evolutionary Astrology

Today, bringing together ancient wisdom and business technologies, she works with talented entrepreneurs to overcome spiritual and structural money blocks, enabling them to claim their full earning potential while enjoying a life of purpose and meaning.

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