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Figure of a Deva Clasping Hands

Mudra Therapy

Ancient Technology for Enlightened Abundance

Mudra is a Sanskrit word that means “a seal.” It is a hand gesture that you may have seen in yoga practices, religious statues, and paintings. Performed back in ancient Egypt and later throughout the world, Mudra was an integral part of mystery schools and spiritual gatherings. Interestingly, energetic blockages that cannot be removed through mental effort can be easily resolved with the proper Mudra practice within 3 to 30 minutes.

Mudra practice appears misleadingly simple – all it takes is to put your hands and fingers into various positions. The secret is knowing which fingers to put together into which positions, and how to combine these movements with the right breath.

The reason this works is twofold. First, your body is wired by energy and power channels called Nadis that transport energy throughout your body, while your hands are the conductors of this energy. Second, you are an integral part of the cosmos, influenced not only by your immediate environment but also by planetary movements and energies.

Some Purpose to Profit series programs utilize Mudra practices to enhance focus and efficiency, bring tranquility, and remove the worry and energetic abundance blocks.

To learn which program is right for you, click the button below to book a Money Blocks Assessment session. 

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