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Purpose to Profit Quantum Leap System

A Word from the Founder
How It Started...

The simplest way to describe Purpose to Profit is to say that it is a system of translating the abstract concept of purpose, either individual or organizational, into tangible steps to realize financial rewards – profits, while stepping into meaning.

The underlying foundation of the Purpose to Profit Quantum Leap System is Time Mastery - the art and science of extraordinary results with minimal toil, or how shamans dream the world into being.

In hindsight, I realize that my first encounter with Time Mastery started with my doctoral internship at the corporate headquarters of Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto. Working side by side with my GarageWorks™ colleagues, an internal consulting team, and senior-level executives, I was in a unique position to facilitate and support strategic sessions of cross-functional and transnational teams. 

I got to see how corporate visions were created and then brought to market as products, how corporate cultures were merged, and how abstract concepts of organization development were applied in real-life work settings.

You might think that this corporate complexity has nothing to do with you and your business. And that's what I used to think, too, until I decided to apply this newly gained knowledge to my own life. It worked, and worked so well that what seemed like my overly ambitious dreams materialized with mindboggling speed, as if by magic. 

My second epiphany came nearly 15 years later when I was undergoing shamanic training and initiation. I was stunned to discover that shamans and high-ranking executives used the same concepts and processes to bring their dreams into reality, albeit using different language. 

Using the best of both worlds, I've created and fine-tuned this system to support entrepreneurs and small business owners in their search for meaning and prosperity through structural and energetic interventions. These non-conventional tools of energy medicine, hand analysis, and astrology, when applied correctly, do a remarkable job of breathing life into solid business technologies of HRM, marketing, and financial planning.

In Purpose to Profit, I utilize all the tools needed to get you there in record time. Instead of spending years in existential soul-searching, we could uncover your purpose in a few hand-analysis sessions. Instead of undergoing 8-10 hours in a battery of personality tests, we can get results from a single 30-minute natal chart analysis. Instead of spending months of career counseling, we can achieve success in a couple of sessions with competency modeling. You get the picture. If you have the right tools, you get faster results, with less risk. 

Click the button below to get on my schedule to discover what is blocking your true meaning and prosperity - and the first thing you need to do to move forward!

Dr. Ollga 

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