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Zodiac Chart

Applied Evolutionary Astrology

Practical Tools for Prosperity and Enlightenment

At the time of your birth, celestial bodies formed a pattern with our planet, the Sun, and each other. Your natal chart is a snapshot of the planetary positions at the time of your birth and the energetic blueprint that you carry with you over your lifetime.

An astrologer can describe your character, values, preferences, talents, and challenging traits by looking at this map. An evolutionary astrologer goes further; he or she can help you understand your life lessons, the path to enlightenment, and the progression of your spiritual development. Applied evolutionary astrology is a method of connecting spirituality to practical planning, and daily actions that align with your money-making and other activities to your soul’s evolution. 

In working with your natal chart and current planetary placements, an astrologer can also make predictions of opportune and challenging dates – not to be confused with fortune-telling or intuitive hits.

Because we know each celestial body's speed of movement, we can calculate every position as it relates to your natal chart configuration at any given moment. This information is critical for making plans and informed decisions when aligning personal rhythms with celestial ones.

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