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Scientific Hand Analysis

A Shortcut into your Life Purpose

The Scientific Hand Analysis is a relatively new modality, anchored in a systematized database of dermatoglyphics (skin patterns) and their relationship to the Soul Psychology elements, sometimes referred to as archetypes. It is also connected to the art of hand reading, which has been around for over 5,000 years and is amazingly accurate in describing life patterns.

As a consequence, art has informed science, resulting in a laser-focused view into the human psyche and personality. This is interesting, but not nearly as interesting as the fact that your fingerprints hold the information about your source of meaning in this life.

Moreover, the lines and markers in the hands reflect both your talents and your money blocks. When put together properly, the fingerprints, lines, and shape of your hands tell a story of your soul’s destination and your current location on that map.

Once you know the map, you can make informed decisions that will result in a life of meaning and prosperity, rather than one of painful struggle. A professionally trained hand-analyst can read you like a book, literally.

Several programs in the Purpose to Profit series include hand analysis. To discover which program is right for your needs, click the button below to book your Money Blocks Assessment session. 

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