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Change Your Money Story Experience

Check out what participants are saying after Clear Your Money Blocks - a Hand Analysis Event 

Jana Danielson
Jana Danielson is an Amazon Best Selling Author, owner of Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies, her bricks & mortar businesses and the Metta District, her online wellness community.

Mark Porteous
A transformational business coach for visionary messengers, is the best-selling author of Maximizing Your Human Experience; A Personal Travel Guide for Your Journey of Life and co-founder of JV Directory and Max Your Life, LLC.

Lars Gustafsson

Lars Gustafson is a nutrition guru and the founder of The Body Mind Institute.

 Change Your Money Story

Change Your Money Story is an exclusive virtual experience designed to help you unlock connections between spirituality and money, as well as uncover the forces and patterns that shape your own relationship with money - your "Money Story" -  the way you are wired to make, spend, and attract money. 

You will learn how to take charge of the narrative to "own" your story and re-write it to reach your prosperity potential and to progress spiritually. 

To read your original money story you don't need to look far - it's recorded in the stars and imprinted in your hands, literally! All of the elements of your astrological natal chart - the positions of the planets at the time of your birth - tell a story that you are destined to play out and is pre-recorded in your palms and fingerprints. 

Would you like to know how to change the plot of your story? The simple answer is you need to read the story first. Understanding the dynamics that exist between the elements of your money story enables you to exercise your free will to make educated choices to support your prosperity and spiritual evolution. 

Each one of the "Change Your Money Story" experiences is unique as it is dedicated to a specific factor within your money story and is delivered through either hand-analysis or astrology. The hand analysis shows how you've faced your destiny, astrology tells you which opportunities and challenges are about to come. Together, these modalities empower your awareness and optimal decision-making. 

The small group setting creates an intimate experience for you to share and listen to how others have dealt with the exact issues that might be of the critical importance to you today. 

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Past Events

Clear Your Money Blocks
Clear Your Money Blocks
Jul 07, 2021, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
on Zoom
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