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Meet Dr. Ollga 

Organizational Psychologist and Tranquility Coach 

 As a stressed-out graduate student, who never left the Bay Area - because there was "no time" to travel - and firmly believing that working hard was the way to do it, I was approaching "ABD", the most dreaded state of being for any graduate student. "ABD" is "all but dissertation", A.K.A. years of graduate school with nothing to show for it, except for student loans. 

Then, one day, I came across Time Mastery. In just over a year, I went from not knowing how to narrow down a dissertation topic to defending my doctoral proposal. While still completing the dissertation, I got into Oxford to earn an MBA - and that was only the beginning of my life transformation. I paid off $200K of student loans, traveled  the world, lived in four countries, had two high ranking executive jobs, got married and brought two beautiful children into this world - all within five years from that magical day. Today, I'm living steps from the beach, raising my kids, dancing Argentine Tango, and truly enjoying tranquility in my life.

But I don't want to keep all these secrets to myself. Nothing makes me happier than helping stressed out professionals and organizations to experience tranquility through Time Mastery - and it's my great pleasure to teach it to you! 


Why Time Mastery?

Time Mastery is a discipline of harnessing and directing energy to receive extraordinary results with minimal toil.

Time Mastery is essential for the tranquil state of being to achieve ...

Restful Sleep 

Time mastery gives you a sense of control of your life to help you relax and enjoy refreshing night sleep and a daytime nap, if you so desire. 

A Meaningful Life 

When you know your purpose, and can arrange your life to allow for your purpose to unfold based on your plan, instead of  trial and error - you've stepped into tranquility with a meaning in record time. Congratulations! 

Joy at Will 

When you are a master of Time, your moods no longer control you, as you can tap into tranquility when you need it.  From tranquility you can select your moods the same way you select your outfits, with ease. Why not select joy any time you wish? 


To open yourself to creative flow, your mind needs to be free of mental clutter and 'to do' lists. Time mastery gives you the preparation to invite inspiration. 

Optimal Health 

Your overall state of health is a combination of physical, mental and emotional factors. When you are in the flow of your natural life rhythm, you can enjoy optimal health. Time mastery will help you align to your natural rhythm. 

Stress Management 

When deadlines are knocking at your door and vacation is not an option, time mastery will help you find what's needed most - extra hours to complete projects and tranquility to reduce stress. 



“Having my handprints read by Dr. Ollga truly changed my life. It gave me such confirmation on how to stay on track with my purpose!

I love her magic and gift.”

— Aileen Castellano 

Speaker, Performance Coach and International Best Selling Author of "Heal Your Past and Live Today"  



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Even if you are a self-sufficient power-house, you don't need to figure your way out of stress alone. Let me show you the shortcut. 
I will be delighted to hear from you - please tell me what keeps you up at night. 

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