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You know that Purpose is calling your name when...

In an immaculately fitted bespoke suit, Emma sat motionless staring at her manicured nails for what seemed like an eternity. She had neither the energy nor the desire to go anywhere.

One thought persistently lingered in her mind, “Purpose, purpose, purpose...

“If I learned to do manicures, I would have a definite purpose – something achievable and measurable. If someone would only confirm that my life has a specific purpose and what that purpose is with certainty, my life would finally have meaning. I would reclaim my drive to accomplish anything. Even if I learned that my purpose was to scrub floors, I would gladly do that, knowing it was exactly on my purpose.”

These purpose-and-meaning thoughts moved into her mind unexpectedly and permanently, as if they’d always been there.

Soon after everything she imagined she wanted came into being – career, family, money – the checklist was complete, but that’s when these purpose thoughts started taking over her internal dialog. There was nothing left to aim for, to reach, or achieve. She no longer wanted for anything; the only thing left was a big question mark with an empty void – as if someone had turned off an energy switch. This was certainly not the result she envisioned when creating her dream list!

Indeed, removing the first spiritual money block correctly aligned the money flow, and it got the list checked off. But now what? Where to go from here? Was it the illusion of success that took her to the wrong road? What if she had pursued the wrong career? Confusion, doubt, apathy… this was not the life she imagined when implementing her ‘checklist.’ 

You might recognize yourself in this story.

When you exist in the reality of physical and financial security and have the mental space to ask these questions, you have reached the crossroads of choices: change your life to face your purpose with the risk of parting with money or continue with the appearance of success along with the promise of emptiness.

You might not realize that there is a third choice, one with both purpose and money. This choice requires you to face and overcome not just one but all your spiritual money blocks. When you do that, you can connect your purpose and money with clarity, confidence, and consistency, regardless of external circumstances.

Click on the button below to find out which one of the three most common money blocks is holding you back and the first thing you need to do to move forward.

Purpose to Profit Quantum Leap Programs

Meaning with Prosperity 

These programs fall into two broad categories - individual and organizational.


If you are a solopreneur interested in understanding your potential or increasing profitability by activating your purpose, you will benefit from the Purpose to Profit series. 

Business Owners who lead Teams 

If you are a business owner who wants to bring energy and joy back into your business and lead more than supervise, Culture to Profit is for you. Culture to Profit will give you the tools to free your time for business and organizational development so you can increase profits.

To identify what stands between you, your money, and your purpose, start with the Money Blocks Assessment.

There are several types of money blocks. Some are due to mindset; others have to do with a lack of strategy and/or structure.

There is still another set in a category of its own – Spiritual Money Blocks. These types of blocks can only be solved through proper alignment of your purpose, as they have nothing to do with your business acumen, mindset, or financial literacy.

Correcting your money blocks with the wrong approach will not get you to your destination. Let’s get it right!

In this 30-minute complimentary Money Blocks Assessment session, we will identify the type of money block that stands in your way and then discuss the first thing you need to do to move forward.


Purpose to Profit Series

Dream your Business into Prosperous Being

If you are an entrepreneur who is tired of compromising between purpose and money, you need to bring your life purpose into proper alignment with your business structure. No amount of pretty marketing will replace the substance of your purpose-aligned offering.

Programs in these series are specifically aimed at overcoming spiritual money blocks to help you set up the proper foundation of a solid business to withstand changing trends. 

To discover which program in the series is right for you, click on the button below to book your Money Blocks Assessment session. 


Culture to Profit Series

Setup your Team for Self-Management and Profit

The programs in these series are designed for small businesses that have passed the mark of a startup and have grown to the structural formality level where it is no longer enough to brainstorm on the go.

Culture to Profit programs will give you the foundation to manage your team and link their daily actions to profit-generating activities without having to supervise their every move. 

To discuss your situation and identify what is preventing your business from realizing its full potential, book a Money Blocks Assessment session with Dr. Ollga.


Meet Dr. Ollga

Dr. Ollga Belova is the creator of the Purpose to Profit Quantum Leap System.

An Organizational Psychologist and Business Coach, she went from a reclusive graduate student with $200K of education loans debt to:

  • defended doctoral dissertation

  • zero debt

  • a completed Oxford MBA

  • a top tier HR executive

  • a Business School educator

  • a world traveler

Then, ten years later ... 


Debra Poneman.jpg

Ollga Belova one of the most extraordinary individuals I’ve ever met.  I’m still in awe that just by the hand analysis she was able to see exactly what I was doing to block my own success and the fulfillment of my life’s purpose and what I needed to do to unblock the blocks. What she shared were not some vague generalities that could apply to anyone. It was like she looked directly into my soul and her guidance has changed my life. 

I can not recommend Ollga and her work highly enough.

Debra Poneman, Founder and CEO, Yes to Success, Inc.


I have done a tremendous amount of inner work with a number of gifted people who are leaders in their field—but I never before met anyone like Ollga.  I came to her just as I was developing a mission and a vision statement for my re-branding—and I’m so glad I did!  She helped me understand that mission and purpose must be defined accurately for both to succeed. After just the first session, I had a massive breakthrough in understanding my deeper life purpose because of the specific language and logic of her system.  I feel like I got a rocket boost of purpose just in time to step into my new vision!  Thank you, Ollga, for your wisdom and compassion!

 Lynnea Annette Brumbaugh, Ph.D.


As someone who has spent years and endless dollars working on myself reaching for the next level, I have found myself continually not where I want to be. In the past, I had invested so deeply in my training and support from other practitioners that I am weary of the financial output for the lack of result.
Dr. Ollga, came into my path at the right time.  I had been traveling so many personal development highways and she showed me the shortcut to where I needed to go - she created magic by combining the esoteric with the analytical business side to help me piece together parts of my puzzle. The pieces are now opportunities for me to reach higher levels in my personal and business life – from the roadblocks into new possibilities.

— Jessica Schnieder, Founder


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