My Services

I work with both - private and organizational clients. 

In my private practice, I take my clients through structured coaching programs via phone or online sessions.  If you would like to work with me in person, please come to a workshop. It's a fun and easy way to destress through time mastery.


While you benefit the most from the even pace of structured program work, I have reserved time in my calendar for urgent and unexpected one-off coaching sessions. If you have an urgent request, take action. Send me a message at to request a "Bliss Express" session. 

I will reply within 24 hours.


Click on the services  below to learn more. 

  • Let's find out where your biggest blocks to Tranquility are.

    30 min


  • A shortcut into bliss through your destiny blueprint

    2 hr


  • Remove the black holes of time drain and stress from your life.

    45 min

    Coaching Program

  • Peaceful organizations run themselves, high drama ones need daily baby...

    45 min

    Prices vary

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