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Meet Dr. Ollga

Dr. Ollga Belova is the creator of the Purpose to Profit Quantum Leap System.

She is an Organizational Psychologist and a Business Coach, who in 5 years had gone from a reclusive graduate student with $200K debt in education loans to a top tier HR Executive with a defended dissertation, zero debt, and a completed Oxford MBA, became a world traveler and a Business School educator. 

Then, ten years later ...

Purpose to Profit Quantum Leap Programs

Meaning with Prosperity 

These programs fall into two broad categories - individual and organizational.

If you are a solopreneur interested in either understanding your own potential or increasing profitability by activating your purpose, you will benefit from Purpose to Profit series. 

If you are a small business owner who wants to bring energy and joy back into their business, would love to lead instead of constantly oversee their team, Cuture to Profit will give you the tools to free your time for business and organization development to increase profits. 

To identify what specifically stands between you, your money, and purpose, start with the Money Blocks Assessment.

There are several types of money blocks – some are due to mindset, others have to do with a lack of strategy or structure. Yet there is another set in a category of its own – Spiritual Money Blocks that can only be solved through proper alignment of your purpose, as they have nothing to do with your business acumen, mindset or financial literacy.

Correcting your money blocks with the wrong approach will not get you to your destination. Let’s get it right!

In this 30-min complimentary Money Blocks Assessment session, we will first identify the type of money block that stands in your way and then discuss the first thing that you need to do to move forward.


Purpose to Profit Series

Dream your Business into Prosperous Being

If you are a solopreneur who is tired of compromising between purpose and money, it is particularly important for you to bring your life purpose in proper alignment with the business structures, where no amount of pretty marketing will replace the substance of your authentic purpose-aligned offering.
Programs in these series are specifically aimed at overcoming spiritual money blocks to help you setup the proper foundation of your solid business that will withstand the changing trends.
To discover which program in the series is right for you, click on the buuton below to book your Money Blocks Assessment session.


Culture to Profit Series

Setup your Team for Self-Management and Profit

The programs in these series are designed specifically for small businesses that have passed the mark of a startup and have grown to the level of structural formality where it is no longer enough to just brainstorm and go.
Culture to Profit programs will give you the foundation of managing your team without having to supervise their every move, yet linking their daily actions to profit generating activites. 
To discuss your particular situation in order to identify what prevents your business from realizing its full potential, book a Money Blocks Assessment session with Dr. Ollga.



“Having my handprints read by Dr. Ollga truly changed my life. It gave me such confirmation on how to stay on track with my purpose!
I love her magic and gift.”

“When you have everything you can think of - successful career, beautiful family, and good health, yet somehow don't feel satisfied, you are not sure where to turn to find out what's missing.
In the first three session, Dr. Ollga helped me understand my life purpose and how to align my career direction with meaning. In just one year, I have made a complete shift. Thank you for the push!”

— Aileen Castellano 
Speaker, Performance Coach and International Best Selling Author of "Heal Your Past and Live Today"

— Jimena Hails

“As the owner of three contemporary art galleries - one in Rome, one in Miami, and another one in NYC, I'm in great need of optimizing time limits to be where I need to be, stay healthy and tranquil in front of my clients and with my family. Every time I work with Dr. Ollga, my plans move in the exact direction that I need with minimal effort.”

— Gloria Porchella, Galleria Ca' D'Oro  

“Between working with my husband on a successful but demanding yacht interior business, raising a family, and frequent international travel, finding focus is hard. The Time Mastery tools that Dr. Ollga selected for me, provide in 3 minute practice what normally would take 1 hour of yoga and meditation. I no longer let the stress run my life, I choose where to put my energy.”

— Sandra Savini, Genesis Yachtline 

As someone who has spent years and endless dollars working on myself reaching for the next level, I have found myself continually not where I want to be. In the past, I had invested so deeply in my training and support from other practitioners that I am weary of the financial output for the lack of result.
Dr. Ollga, came into my path at the right time.  I had been traveling so many personal development highways and she showed me the shortcut to where I needed to go - she created magic by combining the esoteric with the analytical business side to help me piece together parts of my puzzle. The pieces are now opportunities for me to reach higher levels in my personal and business life – from the roadblocks into new possibilities.

— Jessica Schnieder,


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